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Virtual Production Class

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I have been lucky enough to get to work and learn virtual production. In this class, we were able to pitch our own ideas of what environment we would like to see on an XR stage that SCAD owned. My group came up with the idea of dark magic woods. By the end of the quarter, we landed on the story of two sisters running through the woods trying to chase a wisp. I'm truly proud of the work that I did this quarter and the team that I worked with. My role on this project was as the Visual Effects Supervisor. Please enjoy seeing our pitch deck and the progress we made in 10 weeks!

Download PDF • 8.00MB

Concept Art

Our miniature model on the blue screen!

Our midpoint check where we had to show what the pitch would look like when we got on the stage!

Behind the scene of filming on the virtual production stage!

Here are the final videos we got after filming on the virtual production stage! (with some compositing/color correct)

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