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A Love For Music: Class 17

Updated: May 24, 2023

So this weekend was getting renders done and finishing comps. I had a lot of problems with the farm and just the I drive all weekend so it did put me behind schedule.

This room just needs to be edited in Nuke to work on getting some better lights working. I'm pretty happy with the lighting and everything just need to work on the emission/TV to make it look more saturated with the rest of the room.

So I'm having the most problems with this room, I'm putting it back on the farm since some of the frames just don't work at all because my extra flash drive I had got messed up so I can't use any of those files that I have. The messed-up files included the volume lights and the gobo light I had. Putting these on the farm as of 11pm 5/20 so will be editing it as I'm going.

This room has a messing texture which I don't know why so I need to check that render. I'm also working on adding the leaves falling down as well right now.


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