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A Love for Music: Class 9

I started on the country room, this room will be filled with burnt orange lighting and white so I'm trying to be careful with the objects I'm adding so they don't get washed out. I have all the objects I want to add to this scene in already, I'm debating on adding more stuff to the wall but having it more empty is a big contrast to the room right before it.

I was looking for a good photo that people have framed about the last UT vs A&M game (one of the biggest college football rivalries) where UT won. I then had an idea that I would put a TV in the room which is the grey box above where I can play the last play during this portion of the project. I'm going to have something animated/moving in the the reach room and was thinking that this could be for this room. I will link the video I would use below. (I will edit it down, also I was there when this happened!)

I also started to play around with how I want the camera want to move around in the room

I also finished the pop room in terms of textures and models. That room is ready to go onto the lighting phase.

I also started to go camera movements as well for this room

For the Guns project:

I started to do a rough comp, I started to do the roto work for the sky replacement. I need to find a sky to replace it with though. I also did a camera track to add the gun in 3d workspace in Nuke. I will have a better update on Tuesday with the gun added and a sky added in instead of a color.


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