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A Love for Music: Class 14

I put the country room on the farm and just did 30 frames just to test. It was nice to put it on the farm because I can take it to Nuke now and do AOVs breakouts so I can start to see how I will edit the lighting in Nuke.

I also did some pipeline fixing as well, there was a redshift problem in my script even though I'm using Arnold. I fixed the pop and country room but the rock one is a bit harder for some reason so I'm still troubleshooting it.

I also started to do my lighting for the pop room, I need to fix some textures (disco ball is the biggest one) and plug in some that didn't connect. When lighting I did a warmer version of the room and a cool-tone version of it as well.

I feel close to this lighting, just need to get a brighter orange it seems. I know I will be breaking out the specular in Nuke to get the rim lights that Taylor has in these photos.

This is the blue lighting pass so far, in these photos there is more of a spotlight-based lighting so I would like to have spotlights with some volume in it to try to get some of these effects. I'm going to work on getting a brighter blue color for the photos because it's too dark.

I like the idea of the lights fading from orange to blue lighting as she does in the performance. So that is a thing I need to figure out but I don't think it will be that hard.


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