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A Love For Music: Class 12

I worked on the lighting more for the Rock room. I looked at my reference photos and got a lot closer to the coloring of the lights. The main problem with this lighting I have right now is that the record storage is too bright compared to everything around. So I need to figure out how to make it look darker. I feel like I'm at a good stopping point with the rock room, to start getting the basic lighting blocked of the next room.

The next thing I will work on for the rock room will be adding the gobo light and volume to the lights to get more of a stage lighting feel.

I started to work on the Country room. Right now I have the lighting set in the afternoon around 1 pm. (kickoff time) I'm unsure if I want to keep it in the afternoon or go closer to sunset, like in the reference photos. The reason I might be leaning toward sunset is so I can get brighter white/orange lighting to stand out more.

I also got an update on the sound edit. The only reason it isn't final is because it doesn't have the credit song to it. But the main song is final and fits into the edit that was made at the midterms.


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