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A Love For Music: Class 10

This is the most updated edit of my project. All rooms have been textured and are ready to move on to the lighting part of this project. The main problem I have with this edit is the music isn't what I would like it to be for the lengthwise of some songs and the transition.

This is the full audio that I was given by Lauren. The pop section went on way too long, so I had to cut it down for my midterm turn-in. So that is why there isn't a good audio transition from pop to country. Another problem I brought up was that the country section is way too short compared to the rest of them, so I told her to take away some pop and add back some country music. The rock section I didn't have a problem with I really like the transition and the fade out in the end.

For this transition visually, I had a blur in the edit, for now, I do like it. I know that I want to end with seeing the floor of the pop room and then cut to focus on the TV in the country room.

For this transition, I want the start of the rock room zoomed out and see the whole room. But in the transition between these two, I was thinking of all the lights going off in the country room at once and then cuts to the rock room with a frame or two of blackness.

Then there will be a gobo spotlight that will be used to start to show off the rock room, once the gobo is from the top to bottom of the room, the car's headlights will turn on and the camera will start moving.

I know I want the video to start with the camera being focused on the record player seeing it be turned on and the video ending with the record player being turned off.


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