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A Love Letter to Savannah: Class 9

Going into week 5, we added a new shot to our video. The shot is the statue of Johnny Mercer coming alive and throwing the sheet music at the camera. So we went out and got reference videos of what the animations will look like in that setting and got HDRI as well. We also spent the weekend trying to find people to help on this shot: Justin Beck is doing our modeling and Mason Smigel is the rigger. We are still looking for a person to animate for our animation part.

On the same weekend, we got the green screen room so we can record ourselves doing random things in the park.

On my own, I worked on the day/night shot of Boundary street. I replaced the windows with Jayden's shot and the sky as well. I started to work on getting an animation of the SCAD sign.

I also did rough green screen pulls of Forsyth park to see the placement of the green screenshots.


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