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A Love Letter to Savannah: Class 6

I got a final track with my placeholder image to make it stick to the building. I worked on the edges to make it blend a bit more and look more natural and added a drop shadow. I also started to roto in the lights on the SCAD sign to push the drama of the feels since the purpose of this shot is to highlight the VFX show.

I also started to work on the buggy car since it's a similar car that SCAD likes to drive around. The goal is to make it look like a SCAD Day car or the iconic yellow car that President Wallace had when she founded SCAD. I'm using planner projection to get the perspective of the camera and that the texture wraps around the car.

On Wednesday, 1.25.23 the team and I pitch our project to the sound design class and explained what we wanted from them. We also got feedback about our edit that we might need to change to help explain the story a bit more. We also reached out to the MOME club to find any motion media students who want to work on the ending credits and the final visit to Savannah image. We got some people who were interested from sound and MOME, the next step is to go over their websites and pick out our team.

VSFX 408 Sound Presentation
Download PDF • 3.48MB

_VSFX 408 MOME Pitch
Download PDF • 3.62MB


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