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A Love Letter to Savannah: Class 4

On Wednesday 1.18.23, I met with my team and set up our production timeline for the quarter. Using ShotGrid, we set up the timeline of what we believed would get done every week and broke up the shots into research/first pass/second pass/final pass. Giving each section what I thought would be a reasonable amount of time.

After setting up the production timeline, we went through the RAW footage that we took and made a new edit. So we could see the pacing of the footage and update our shot list. Once the video was set, we looked at two different songs that we thought would best fit our video. We knew that we wanted a song that is filled with love and a hint of remembering the past. The two songs we picked were Dream by Johnny Mercer and Georgia on My Mind Stuart Gorrell and Hoagy Carmichael. As a group, we decided that Dream was perfect for the video and Georgia for the credits.


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