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Featured Work

Random Street in Italy

Done in Nuke and Maya

This was my final for my compositing class where we did CG integration. I wanted to add a Vespa to a street that would be in Italy in real life. I had a fun time with this project, I added my breakdown to this post so you can see what I did.

Video and model are not mine, video is off a free stock website and Vespa from CGtrader. The final composite is mine.

Stuck in the 60's

Done in Maya

This was my final for VSFX 210, where we had to sell a car model. I picked a Mercedes Benz 230 made in 1964. I wanted the environment to be someone’s garage who was a fan of the 1960’s or lived through the 60’s. It was fun getting to play around with the lighting and textures in Maya. I used a HDRI to get the base lighting then used Arnold lights to create a dark garage with the light source coming from a door opening and the garage being opened. Done in Maya 2021.

I’m responsible for the modeling and texturing of the Mercedes Benz 230, record player, gas lantern, posters, and the walls/floor. The rest of the models and some textures are from CGtrader and Sketchfab. Some textures are from TextureHaven.

Into the Mountains

Done in  Nuke

This is a projection that was done in Nuke 2021. I took a photo and did projections and added a camera in Nuke. 
*Free Stock Photo*

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